Who is Sally?

Sally PachilloHi there! My name is Sally Pachillo. I am a retired piano teacher and I used to teach at a local school. My love of music started as a young girl. I grew up in a family that loved music and the arts. My parents always taught me many different kinds of instruments. Piano was one of my favorite to learn and play. When I grew older, I studied music in college. My first job was a piano instructor at a local high school where I went! I taught there for over 20 years. Now on my free time, I teach piano to kid’s who does not have the money to learn how to play and wants to learn. I find that playing piano or any instruments in general is key to further enriching a child’s creativity. I am loving the retired life and teaching kid’s that wants to learn how to play piano. The purpose of this blog is to get everyone to love music as much as I do. Also, I want to share with adults that you can play piano or any kind of instrument without having much pain.