Children and Rabbits

It is easy to identify children who are already responsible at their young age. When I was still teaching piano lessons in a local school, children known to be responsible were normally the fastest to learn. Parents have different ways when teaching their children to be more responsible. One of the unique ways to do it is to give your child a pet that is suitable for his or her age.

One of the most suitable pets for children is a rabbit or bunny. Bunnies are cute, cuddly and will not likely cause any harm to your kid. They are also easy to care for. You could delegate most of the basic caring tasks such as combing, exercise and feeding to your child. This will in turn teach him or her to be a responsible kid.

There are best bunny breeds that are suitable for children. One of them is the lionhead bunnies. These bunnies are a relatively new breed but are gaining in popularity among bunny lovers. They are now one of the cutest breeds of bunnies, thanks to their lion-like mane around their head. Lionhead bunnies are generally good natured, playful and lively, but often timid. Generally, they are not recommended for very young children as a pet because they require experienced handling. But if your kid is able to care for this pet, it is a sign of him or her being a mature and responsible owner.

Another small breed of rabbits for children is the Harlequin. They are docile, playful and intelligent and gentle. Because of their size, they are also easy to hold and snuggle. You would be surprised that this breed can be litter box-trained and can respond to their name. Palomino is another wonderful breed of bunnies for children. It also has a good temperament and can easily get along well with people especially children.

While smaller rabbits are more ideal for children for easy handling and safety purposes, there are also notable large breeds that are popular among kids. One of them is the Flemish Giant which is known for its docile characteristics. These rabbits can grow more than 20 pounds, are child-friendly and are not scary at all. They also don’t bite and would love lounging on a couch.

When choosing a rabbit for your pet, regardless of its breed, the gender is an important consideration. The bucks or male rabbit are often the best choice for children as they are more laid back and attention seekers. In comparison, does or female rabbits become more territorial and are overly protective of their space once they begin to nest. Their unpredictable moods may not be ideal for children.

Additionally, when it comes to sizes, small breeds have the advantage of requiring smaller cages and smaller amounts of food in their diet. They also tend to be more playful than their larger counterparts. But of course, it will still boil down to you and your kid’s personal choice.

Giving children their own pet while still young has many benefits. One of them is teaching them to grow responsibly. If you are considering giving your kid a pet bunny, be sure to research more about the personalities of each breed of bunny you are considering.

Different Forms of Relaxation Techniques

Different people have different ways to relax and feel good. Some take it by travelling, shopping, cooking and eating, reading books and others. In fact, aside from playing the piano and listening to music, another relaxation technique that is effective for me is doing breathing exercises. I also know of some friends who feel relaxed when they travel or go shopping. But of course, they are more expensive forms of relaxation.

Different relaxation techniques help a person cope up with stress and daily pressure. They can also rejuvenate his or her energy and help stay on track. While every relaxation technique may benefit each person differently, there are techniques which are known to benefit a great majority:

1. Listening to music.

Listening to music especially slow and classical music while travelling, walking or doing something can have a significant relaxing effect on a person. This kind of music generally affects one’s physiological functions, lowering the blood pressure, slowing down the pulse and heart rate, and decreasing the level of stress hormones in the body.

2. Playing musical instruments.

For musicians, playing musical instruments is the best way to relax. It can soothe the mind and body, calm your temper, and help lower blood pressure. When you make music by playing a musical instrument, the body releases endorphins in the brain which in turn helps in lowering the level of stress hormones. Even if you don’t know how to play any instrument, it is never too late to start learning now. You could start with common instruments like a guitar or piano as they are among the easiest to play.

3. Meditation

Meditation is perhaps one of the oldest relaxation techniques since they have been used thousands of years ago. A simple meditation technique involves at least ten minutes of meditation per day to reduce anxiety and stress as well as to improve cardiovascular health. Meditation is simply a repetition of a sound or word while a person sits quietly with eyes closed. You could pick your own sound or word. It is most effective to do in a quiet environment where you are free from distractions.

4. Fish keeping.

Another old form of relaxation is fish keeping. That is one of the reasons why home aquariums have become popular these days. This kind of relaxation may not only benefit one person but the entire household. Observing the fishes in the aquarium feels relaxing and is soothing to the mind. Aside from an aquarium, you could also have a small pond or water feature where you could raise some fish. And one of the most common species of fish raised for this purpose is the catfish, particularly the attractive cory catfish. If you raise them in the pond, you could also have a good source of food by simply using catfish bait to harvest them.

5. Breathing exercises

Regular breathing exercises may also be as effective as other common relaxation techniques. It is easy to learn and it can be done anywhere you like since it does not require much space. Breathing exercises can also be combined with other relaxation techniques such as music and aromatherapy for best results.

If you feel stressed out from your work or school, you could try out any of these relaxation techniques to boost your mind and body.

What Is Bunion and What Causes It

Music is generally easy to learn. In fact, when I was still a piano instructor at a local school, I had a few students who became exceptionally good at playing a simple piece in less than a month. This is especially true among students who have an inclination in music.

However, certain conditions may prevent some people to learn some instruments. For instance, if you had a bad injury in your fingers, or if you are affected by illnesses such as Reynaud’s disease or Dupuytren’s disease, it may be challenging to learn to play a guitar or the piano. And if you think that you don’t have to be concerned since it is only your feet that have certain conditions, you are mistaken.

One of the most common problems that affect the feet is bunion. If you have this condition, it may be difficult for you to use your feet for playing some instruments such as when you have to use your foot to strike the drum pedal, or when you need to use the pedals of the piano. But of course, it depends on the severity of your condition.

Bunion refers to the abnormal bony hump that may form at the base of your big toe. More often, the hump causes the big toe to deviate closely to the other toes. The base of the big toe normally pushes outward toward the first of the metatarsal bones. This condition may also happen to the little toe, in such case, it is called tailors bunion or bunionette.

Bunion may seem to be a minor condition that will not significantly impact a person’s daily routine. However, since the toes normally bend when walking and bunion affects the joints, it can affect a person’s normal routine. It can be painful to do any activity with your feet like walking, playing an instrument with your feet, dancing and others.

Many people are not aware on what causes bunions. Bunions may be hereditary and could run in the family for generations. It may also develop from a minor foot problem to a bunion as the person ages. People with arthritis are also prone to developing bunions. Compared to men, women are more at risk of developing bunions because of wearing heeled or pointed shoes.

For any healthy person, it can develop when the weight during walking or doing other activities that use the feet is unevenly distributed among the tendons and joints of the feet. For most people, the pressure is borne by the big toe, causing it to become unstable and to slowly form a hard knob which will later develop into a bunion. For people with discrepancies in the length of their legs, bunions usually develop on the foot of the longer leg.

Although bunions generally do not require medical treatment, you should seek medical attention if they are already causing persistent pain, causing you difficulty to move your toe or foot, if the bump becomes very big, or if you already have difficulty in finding shoes that will fit you because of the bunion. The same is true if you are a musician and your bunion prevents you from playing certain instruments that you want to play with your foot. That is why you should treat bunions early enough to minimize any further complications.

A Guide to Tendonitis Surgery and Alternative Treatments

A Guide to Tendonitis Surgery and Alternative Treatments


Tendonitis surgery is a drastic measure that is often an individual’s last resort in treating the symptoms of tendonitis. Surgical treatment of tendonitis is most often performed on the shoulder, or rotator cuff, knee, and wrist. Tendonitis in these areas can prove difficult to treat with non-surgical methods because these areas are frequently used for everyday activities and are often subjected to repetitive strain that sometimes cannot be avoided. If you have been broached with the option of undergoing tendonitis surgery or if you’ve been reading up about possible treatments for tendonitis then you likely have some questions about tendonitis, the surgical procedure, recovery, and alternative treatments.
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Sinus Tarsi Syndrome: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

One time while I was still giving piano lessons at a local high school, one of my students complained about having a sprained foot. It was later discovered that he had sinus tarsi syndrome or STS. I just remembered that student now because one of my friends cancelled our appointment because of the same reason. That stirred my curiosity about this syndrome.

STS is a condition that causes persistent tenderness and pain in the sinus tarsi region due to inflammation. The sinus tarsi region is a small cavity located outside the hind foot, in between the heel bone and the talus. If treated immediately, quick recovery can be expected; otherwise, it can lead to severe and chronic pain.

There are several factors that can cause STS. One common factor is when a person experiences a sprained ankle or strain from regular walking or running on flat foot. Sprain causes instability and excessive movement of the sinus tarsi area leading to inflammation and formation of scar tissue. STS can develop after a single sprain or repeated sprains. Additionally, people with flat feet or over-pronated feet are also prone to STS. That is because these abnormal foot biometrics cause more pressure in the sinus tarsi area. Ballet and sitting down with tucked feet underneath are also among the reasons why a person may develop STS.

The best way to diagnose STS is through an MRI scan. Some doctors may also inject corticosteroids and local anesthetic in the sinus tarsi region. If the symptoms cease, it indicates that a person has STS. The temporary relief from the injection is normally short-lived and further treatment is needed. However, if the symptoms remain after the injection, it indicates another problem and is not STS.

If there is a positive diagnosis for STS at an early stage, full recovery can be accomplished in just a couple of weeks. But if the problem is not treated early on, the pain could linger for many months.

Here are some ways on how to care and treat STS:

  • Rest – rest is essential for STS patients. Any activities that involve leg movement might trigger the pain and must be avoided. You may also have to use an ankle brace or crutches for a short time. Most patients normally experience prolonged pain because they are unable to rest and avoid aggravating activities.
  • NSAIDs – your doctor may also prescribe NSADs to reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Ice – You can temporarily alleviate the pain by massaging ice on the affected area for several minutes.
  • Others – other treatments include physiotherapy, joint mobilizations, exercises that can strengthen the sinus tarsi, and wearing of supportive footwear. In rare instances, surgery might also be necessary if the symptoms still persist despite trying all other procedures and treatment. Surgery may involve the removal of chronic synovitis or inflammation as well as the scar tissues. The ligaments in the subtalar joint may also need to be reconstructed.

STS may bring discomfort and too much pain on a patient. In some instances, it can prevent the person from doing his normal activities. But by early detection and treatment, this condition will settle down in less than a month.

Getting to Know More about INFJ Personality

Over the years in my teaching career, I have the opportunity to be around students possessing different types of personalities. I have personally encountered students who are sensitive and shy while others are bashful, loud, assertive, and are natural leaders. I know that there are many other types of personalities. In fact, I have read about the 16 personality types as classified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality inventory.

One of the personality types that have caught my attention is that of INFJ which stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging. It is said that these qualities are the personalities of a counselor. It is one of the types of personality that I look up to.

The INFJ personality has both strengths and weaknesses. Generally, they are warm, caring and affirming people who are sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. They are dedicated to invest their time and effort to make INFJ relationships a lifelong and ultimate success. Most of them also have good communication skills and are good listeners. They are also perfectionists and more often set a high expectation for themselves and other people. This attitude, however, can also be their weakness in certain circumstances.

On the other hand, people with an INFJ personality may have difficulty in managing finances and dealing with practical daily life. They also have the potential to hold back themselves and show what they really feel especially if doing so may hurt other people. Additionally, they are extremely against criticisms and conflicts.

Both the strengths and weaknesses of INFJs play an important role in their relationship with their family, friends and partners. As a friend, they are valued for being caring, warm and good listeners. They also care for the health of their friendship, so they tend to invest much on their friendship to create and maintain a positive relationship.

As lovers, INFJs are expressive of their love and affection and in return may also expect affirmation. They are warm and considerate to their mates and always strive to make them happy. They believe in a perfect relationship and always aim to develop it. Sometimes, because of this goal they can also become very demanding to their mates, causing them to back-off in the relationship. There are also instances where they tend to jump from one relationship to another to find that perfect mate.

Although any personality type can have a successful and healthy relationship, ideal partners for INFJ based on MBTI are those with ENTP (extraverted, intuitive, thinking and perceiving) and ENFP (extraverted, intuitive, feeling and perception). This rule may not be true at all times and it is just based on the principle that opposites attract. As INFJs are introverted, they are best matched with extroverted personalities.

The INFJ personality has both good and bad sides which can also impact their relationship with other people especially those close to them. Understanding more about their personality can help you deal with them and develop a strong relationship with them even if you do not have an ENTP or ENFP personality.

How to Deal with Roundworms in Cats

In my teaching career as a piano instructor, I have a lot of students who are enthusiastic about their pets. They would tell stories about them during our casual conversations. And one of the most popular pets among my students is cats. And because of the stories I hear, I am convinced that cats are indeed among the best family pets.

However, cats have serious problems with roundworms. It is one of the common causes of malnourishment, intestinal blockage, pneumonia and even death if not properly treated. Roundworms compete with their host for food as they also feed on intestinal contents. They can grow to be as long as five inches and are notable for their spaghetti-like appearance.

There are three ways a cat may acquire roundworms. One is through the rodents they hunt which may already have roundworms in their system. Once a cat consumes its prey, roundworms and their larvae can be transferred to the cat. Another way of transmission is through environmental transmission when a cat accidentally ingests roundworm eggs from the soil or has contact with feces from other cats. Lastly is by mammary transmission which occurs when some larvae inside the host migrate to the mammary gland and are then passed on to the kittens through their mother’s milk.

There are symptoms that can help you detect if there are roundworms in cats. These include weight loss despite giving your pet the proper nutrition, potbellied appearance and diarrhea. You may also notice that your cat has a dull hair coat instead of the usual shiny coat. In some instances, cats may also suffer from cough that could go on for days because of roundworm migration to the lungs. And the most obvious sign is when your cat vomits roundworms.

Once your cat manifests the symptoms of roundworms, you should see a veterinarian for proper treatment or medication. Aside from the symptoms, you may also be required to submit a sample of your cat’s stool for fecal flotation which can detect the presence of roundworm eggs in the feces. Once confirmed that your cat has roundworms, a common treatments is administering worming medication in topical or tablet form. Deworming should be done repeatedly because the medication is only effective on adult roundworms. The number of times you will administer medication normally depends on the age and health condition of your cat.

Moreover, while you care for your infected cat, you should also be careful because you might also catch the worm through contact with your cat. Many pet owners become infected with toxocariasis which is a disease caused by roundworm egg infection. Once you are infected with roundworms, they could also migrate to other parts of your body including the liver, eyes and brain. To avoid being infected, it is important to clean up your cat’s waste immediately.

Having a pet cat can be a good thing because they are one of the sweetest and most loyal pets you can have. However, it is important that you have basic knowledge about some of the common health problems of these animals, and one of them is roundworm infestation.

10 Ways to Get Over a Person Who Does Not Love You Back

good bye heartLoving a person who do does not love you back is something depressing and hopeless because it is something that is beyond your control. And it can also be hurtful especially if you continuously hope for the best but nothing happens. I have a friend who really loves this guy who happens to love someone else. That guy has no idea my friend is in love with him because she was too shy to tell him. She had a hard time recovering from that feeling and for several years, she did not entertain any suitors.

There are other different cases wherein another person does not reciprocate the love of another. It could happen in boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, married couples and partners. If you are in this situation or in any of these categories, it is not your fault to fall in love with the wrong person. But then, you have to forget about the feeling, get over it, and move on.

Here are ten ways on how to get over someone who does not love you back:

  1. Admit the fact. Before you can start moving on, it is important that you first admit to yourself that the person you love does not love you back. It will hurt but you have to feel it. Cry if you must. Then you can grieve. Grieving is a good sign that you are already starting the healing process.
  2. Look at the negative traits of the person. Once a person is in love, you seem to become blind to the negative attributes of that person. Does he or she have an only child syndrome, treat other people badly or selfishly, or have anything that is undesirable? When you start looking at the negative side, you will find out that it will be easier for you to forget that person.
  3. Get rid of anything that reminds you of that person. Do you have any mementos that keep on reminding you about that person? Get rid of them immediately. You can give them away, burn them or throw them. Hanging on to them will just make it difficult for you to forget about that person.
  4. Find creative ways to divert your time and attention. Keep yourself busy with work, school or new hobbies. You could also start learning to play musical instruments. They say that listening to music or playing musical instruments is one of the best ways to feel good when you are down and depressed. Additionally, take a vacation with your family or friends who can help you recover and move on.
  5. Get back on your life. When you have finally recovered from the hurtful feelings and have given yourself some break, you can then get your life back. Don’t be afraid to meet new people and attend parties and gatherings. And don’t forget to put your best foot forward. Who knows, you might be able to meet the right person in any of the gatherings you would be attending.

If you are in a situation where you feel very hopeless, there is still hope for you. Just like when learning to play any musical instrument, you may feel hopeless at first because of the difficulties involved; but with some help and practice, you will be able to master playing that instrument. In your case, you will be able to meet the right person after getting over that person who does not love you back.

What Is Taste Disorder?

saltFrom time to time, I do experience some kind of abnormalities in my taste buds. I remember waking up one day with a salty taste in mouth. That was strange because I did not eat something very salty the night before and I did brush my teeth including my tongue before sleeping. That was one of the times when I got worried about my taste buds.

I started researching about taste disorders and found out that there are other types of disorders that commonly affect many people, such as metal taste in mouth, sweet taste in mouth and other phantom taste perceptions. Some also experience reduced ability to perceive taste such as sweet, bitter, salty, sour and umami. In rare cases, some people experience a complete loss of taste.

Many people take their sense of taste for granted as long as they could taste normally. But once a person experiences a taste disorder, it could have a negative effect on his health and overall quality of life. I’m just fortunate that those abnormalities in my taste buds do not linger for a long time. Normally they are gone in a day. But for some people, taste disorders have become part of their life. In fact in the United States, more than 200,000 people see their doctors every year for problems that have to do with their taste. That figure does not include people like me who just let the problem go away.

There are also cases when a person thinks that it is his sense of taste that has a problem, but in reality it is his sense of smell. These two senses are interrelated. But for those who have a real taste disorder, it is easier to understand this condition by first understanding how our ability to taste works. When we chew, drink or digest food, tiny molecules are released, stimulating special sensory cells present in the throat and mouth. These sensory cells or taste cells are grouped within the roof of the mouth, taste buds of the tongue, and lining of the throat. Any abnormality in their normal functioning may cause a taste disorder.

A taste disorder can be diagnosed by otolaryngologists, who are doctors specializing in the ear, nose, head, neck and throat. They measure the lowest concentration of the quality of taste a person can recognize to identify the extent of a taste disorder. Patients are also normally asked to make a comparison among the different taste of various substances, or to tell the intensity of the taste of a particular substance as its concentration is increased. Recently, scientists were also able to develop a taste testing method wherein patients will be asked to respond to the different chemical concentrations by sipping, spitting and rinsing.

However, if the taste disorder involves the loss of taste, a person may undergo a more comprehensive checkup of the nose, ears and throat, and may also be requested to have a dental examination to assess oral hygiene.

In itself, a taste disorder is generally not a very serious condition especially if it easily goes away in a day or two. However, if your condition continues for several days, it could be a warning sign of a more serious health problem. A distorted sense of taste could also be a risk factor for diabetes, heart disease and other conditions that may require a special diet. In such cases, you should consult your doctor.

5 Ways to Overcome Anxiety Problems

Nervousness and worry are just normal feelings that people experience regarding a future imminent event with an uncertain outcome. However, I know of some people who are nervous or are worried excessively for no reason. They are the people who suffer from certain anxiety disorders. In fact, I know of some from my music classes.

There are different types of anxiety disorders. They include generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and phobic disorder. Normally, these conditions are also characterized by other symptoms such as shakiness and a faster heartbeat. When a person suffers from an anxiety disorder, there are five common remedies that can help overcome this problem:

1. Supplements for anxiety

Anxiety supplements, particularly those which contain magnesium, are helpful in dissipating the effects of traumatic stress following an episode of an anxiety attack. Magnesium is also known to help refresh the brain from prior anxiety attacks. Some people who suffer from anxiety normally have magnesium deficiency. If you do, consult your doctor about the possibility of taking this kind of supplement.

Another effective supplement to overcome anxiety is the kind that contains high omega 3 fatty acids. This kind of fatty acid is known to reduce the effects of anxiety and stress by up to 20 percent. Aside from eating fish that are rich in omega 3, organic fish oil also makes a good alternative.

2. Healthy diet

Many people think that anxiety is a mental problem. However, new research has come out that anxiety actually originates from the gut. That is the reason why anxiety attacks are normally associated with irritable bowel syndrome. By observing a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables and reducing your consumption of bad fats, sugar, dairy and meat, you can avoid an anxiety attack. Additionally, it is also important to avoid certain food triggers which include glutamine among others.

3. Relaxation therapies

Relaxation therapies are perhaps among the most effective ways to overcoming anxiety. People have various ways to feel relaxed. Some feel relaxed when they get a full body massage. Others feel the same after a yoga session or a stroll in the park. Music is also a good way for relaxation. You could learn how to play instruments like guitar or piano or guitar. Playing musical instruments has been effective for some of my students who have a history of anxiety disorders. And it could help you as well. Music and other forms of relaxation boost the “feel good” hormones in your body such as serotonin, helping you feel at ease and relaxed.

4. Physical Exercise

Exercising is also an excellent anxiety treatment. It can help reduce the stress hormone in your body. Be sure to schedule a regular exercise for at least half an hour daily so that you will feel good all day.

breathing5. Breathing Exercise

There are certain breathing exercises that can also help in fighting anxiety. One way is deep breathing for several minutes in the morning.

If you are suffering from an anxiety disorder, the remedies just mentioned can help you overcome your problem. You could combine several of these remedies for the best result.


Taking Care of Babies

I know of almost all the problems that arise after childbirth and also with regards on how to raise a child as I have much experience in those areas myself. Well I should really, as I have been there many times myself, having been blessed with several little ones, each and every one of them all grownup now.

I was dumbfounded about them at first when I was with my first baby as I do not really know what to do about it back then. Fortunately I have my own mother to ask about those little stressful things that arises when you are rearing a young one and after that, all my succeeding children were a breeze compared to the first one as I already knew what to expect, and also what to do whenever a situation presents itself.

Which brings me to a case with a current student of mine who has had her first baby born a couple of months ago, and who is experiencing the same problems that I had encountered when I was with my first , and all of them apparently. Well she was having problems about the feeding of her baby that change quite constantly amongst other things.

She said that her baby sometimes is regular with regards to the duration and time of her feeding but more often than not, the baby seems very much hungry and rabid for her milk that it causes newborn diarrhea in the child. She was thinking that it was her fault somehow that maybe she’s not thorough with her breastfeeding or is somewhat negligent on the sanitation department, as she is not in the habit of thoroughly washing her breasts most of the times.

Though it might be true that not cleaning your breasts frequently after breastfeeding is the cause or may contribute to the baby’s diarrhea, there are also other factors that need to be considered apparently.

Babies frequently undergo the so called “newborn growth spurts” at certain times during their early life where they suddenly jump in both size and weight, usually to much happiness and amazement of all parents alike, as it is very much obvious when they go through them. Growing fast also means eating fast, which kind of explains the baby’s irregular and frequent feedings and all the right reasons for diarrhea to take place, as their stomachs are not yet capable of handling that much food yet.

Those things really cannot be helped as they are natural and inevitable things that all babies go through. It is only recommended that we be very vigilant when these things occur as it may pose a great risk to the baby’s health when left unchecked. The only things that can be controlled are the mother’s proper hygiene and the rehydration requirements of the baby when they are suffering from diarrhea.

They will eventually get over that phase in their growth and it is as soon finished when they begin to go through it. Mothers also must learn to trust their instincts as they are the ones who really know what their child is feeling and what they are going through, and should act immediately in the first signs of trouble.

What’s a Piano to Me?

I am very much careful with my hands and I take care of them quite obsessively. They are very important to me as they are the ones who enable me to enjoy my passion which is playing the piano. Thankfully I did very well in taking care of them through all those years, and I am glad that up until now, they continue to afford me to do the things I love to do.

They are so very important to me, that if ever I fall down one way or the other, they would be the last things I would use to break my fall. I do not crack my knuckles, I do not wash my hands immediately after using them to play the piano as they might grow weak with age, I do not use my hands to hit anything, I do not use them for carrying, and other ways which could hurt them. They are my babies and I cannot imagine myself living without their use.

Never have I experienced a sprained finger or arthritis in fingers, even when I am already of that particular age to be prone to that, if you know what I mean, and I am also not keen on experiencing them anytime soon. I don’t know what it is between me and my hands but I’m pretty sure its got something to do with my playing the piano. Yes, I think that’s it.

If there was any way that I can play the piano not using my hands, then I am all for it, and the hands can go. I just need to have a way to keep playing the piano one way or the other. I think even on my death bed, I would still yearn to play the piano. Playing it is already a part of me, an extension to my soul, that I would not be myself if there is no piano involved in the discussion.

My life’s work is teaching the piano. I grew up in a very musical family and I know how to use many musical instruments, but it is with the piano that I was attracted to the most. I do not know what it is in those black and white keys that mesmerized me no end. Pushing one key then another, sometimes many keys all at once, sometimes slow and sometimes very fast, everything about playing it I adore.

I am now officially retired from teaching but the piano is still a large part of my life. I keep on finding ways to always keep it the center of my whole day. Be it conducting free lessons to those who wanted to learn, volunteering to play it in churches and choirs, and I also never ever miss a day without playing at least a couple of compositions at home.

It is not for the fame or even for the money that I love playing the piano. It’s for the sheer love and freedom that I feel when I am playing it, that if I die and go to heaven, it would not be a harp that I will be playing, but a piano.