Taking Care of Babies

I know of almost all the problems that arise after childbirth and also with regards on how to raise a child as I have much experience in those areas myself. Well I should really, as I have been there many times myself, having been blessed with several little ones, each and every one of them all grownup now.

I was dumbfounded about them at first when I was with my first baby as I do not really know what to do about it back then. Fortunately I have my own mother to ask about those little stressful things that arises when you are rearing a young one and after that, all my succeeding children were a breeze compared to the first one as I already knew what to expect, and also what to do whenever a situation presents itself.

Which brings me to a case with a current student of mine who has had her first baby born a couple of months ago, and who is experiencing the same problems that I had encountered when I was with my first , and all of them apparently. Well she was having problems about the feeding of her baby that change quite constantly amongst other things.

She said that her baby sometimes is regular with regards to the duration and time of her feeding but more often than not, the baby seems very much hungry and rabid for her milk that it causes newborn diarrhea in the child. She was thinking that it was her fault somehow that maybe she’s not thorough with her breastfeeding or is somewhat negligent on the sanitation department, as she is not in the habit of thoroughly washing her breasts most of the times.

Though it might be true that not cleaning your breasts frequently after breastfeeding is the cause or may contribute to the baby’s diarrhea, there are also other factors that need to be considered apparently.

Babies frequently undergo the so called “newborn growth spurts” at certain times during their early life where they suddenly jump in both size and weight, usually to much happiness and amazement of all parents alike, as it is very much obvious when they go through them. Growing fast also means eating fast, which kind of explains the baby’s irregular and frequent feedings and all the right reasons for diarrhea to take place, as their stomachs are not yet capable of handling that much food yet.

Those things really cannot be helped as they are natural and inevitable things that all babies go through. It is only recommended that we be very vigilant when these things occur as it may pose a great risk to the baby’s health when left unchecked. The only things that can be controlled are the mother’s proper hygiene and the rehydration requirements of the baby when they are suffering from diarrhea.

They will eventually get over that phase in their growth and it is as soon finished when they begin to go through it. Mothers also must learn to trust their instincts as they are the ones who really know what their child is feeling and what they are going through, and should act immediately in the first signs of trouble.