Home Remedies for Sunburn

Summer is the time when some kids take a break from school and enroll in various summer classes including music class. In fact, I teach piano lessons to a number of kids during summer than any other time of the year. But I also encourage my students to spend some time enjoying outdoor activities such as swimming. But I always caution them to take care of their skin to avoid sunburns. I know how painful it can be especially for young children to have sunburns. Most of us who already have experienced getting sunburns at some point know this.

Summer time is that time when the heat of the sun is more intense, causing you to easily get sunburns. The sun can burn your skin anywhere you are outdoors when you are directly exposed to it. You can have it when you are in the beach, playing in your yard, or just walking down the streets. There are different degrees of sunburns but the second degree sunburn and the third degree sunburn are more serious and may cause discomfort and pain and can even lead to serious complications if not treated.

Although applying creams and lotions with sun protection factor can help prevent sunburn, sometimes we are not too mindful about their proper application such that we will still develop skin burns from the sun. If you start to feel a burning sensation in your skin, get out of the sun immediately and take home remedies for sunburn.

  • Water – cool the skin by taking a cool shower or cold bath. After bathing, gently dry the skin with a soft towel. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the skin. Also, drink plenty of water to replace the water you have lost through sweating.
  • Cold compress – if your sunburn is just mild, a cold compress (not ice cold) composed of equal parts water and milk can also help. Soak a clean cloth in a solution and then gently wipe the cloth in the sunburned area. Do this for up to 15 minutes every two hours.
  • Moisturizer – a moisturizing cream or lotion can also help relieve the feeling of tightness which is normal in a burned skin. Moisturizers also help cool and rejuvenate the skin. The best moisturizers are those that contain aloe vera because this natural ingredient has an excellent soothing effect on the skin.
  • Calamine lotion – if your sunburned skin starts to itch or sore, applying calamine lotion can relieve these symptoms.
  • Vinegar – vinegar for sunburn is another inexpensive home remedy for sunburns. Vinegar has antiseptic properties which can relieve the pain and kill germs that can possibly cause infection on the sunburned skin. Vinegar also works in balancing the pH levels of the sunburned skin and promotes healing. Also, when you apply vinegar on the affected area, it will least likely develop into blisters. You could put white vinegar or apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and then spray it on the affected area.

It is good that we have some basic knowledge about home remedies for sunburn as it is very common not only among children but also among adults come summer time.