Home Remedies for Sunburn

Summer is the time when some kids take a break from school and enroll in various summer classes including music class. In fact, I teach piano lessons to a number of kids during summer than any other time of the year. But I also encourage my students to spend some time enjoying outdoor activities such as swimming. But I always caution them to take care of their skin to avoid sunburns. I know how painful it can be especially for young children to have sunburns. Most of us who already have experienced getting sunburns at some point know this.

Summer time is that time when the heat of the sun is more intense, causing you to easily get sunburns. The sun can burn your skin anywhere you are outdoors when you are directly exposed to it. You can have it when you are in the beach, playing in your yard, or just walking down the streets. There are different degrees of sunburns but the second degree sunburn and the third degree sunburn are more serious and may cause discomfort and pain and can even lead to serious complications if not treated.

Although applying creams and lotions with sun protection factor can help prevent sunburn, sometimes we are not too mindful about their proper application such that we will still develop skin burns from the sun. If you start to feel a burning sensation in your skin, get out of the sun immediately and take home remedies for sunburn.

  • Water – cool the skin by taking a cool shower or cold bath. After bathing, gently dry the skin with a soft towel. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the skin. Also, drink plenty of water to replace the water you have lost through sweating.
  • Cold compress – if your sunburn is just mild, a cold compress (not ice cold) composed of equal parts water and milk can also help. Soak a clean cloth in a solution and then gently wipe the cloth in the sunburned area. Do this for up to 15 minutes every two hours.
  • Moisturizer – a moisturizing cream or lotion can also help relieve the feeling of tightness which is normal in a burned skin. Moisturizers also help cool and rejuvenate the skin. The best moisturizers are those that contain aloe vera because this natural ingredient has an excellent soothing effect on the skin.
  • Calamine lotion – if your sunburned skin starts to itch or sore, applying calamine lotion can relieve these symptoms.
  • Vinegar – vinegar for sunburn is another inexpensive home remedy for sunburns. Vinegar has antiseptic properties which can relieve the pain and kill germs that can possibly cause infection on the sunburned skin. Vinegar also works in balancing the pH levels of the sunburned skin and promotes healing. Also, when you apply vinegar on the affected area, it will least likely develop into blisters. You could put white vinegar or apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and then spray it on the affected area.

It is good that we have some basic knowledge about home remedies for sunburn as it is very common not only among children but also among adults come summer time.

Children and Rabbits

It is easy to identify children who are already responsible at their young age. When I was still teaching piano lessons in a local school, children known to be responsible were normally the fastest to learn. Parents have different ways when teaching their children to be more responsible. One of the unique ways to do it is to give your child a pet that is suitable for his or her age.

One of the most suitable pets for children is a rabbit or bunny. Bunnies are cute, cuddly and will not likely cause any harm to your kid. They are also easy to care for. You could delegate most of the basic caring tasks such as combing, exercise and feeding to your child. This will in turn teach him or her to be a responsible kid.

There are best bunny breeds that are suitable for children. One of them is the lionhead bunnies. These bunnies are a relatively new breed but are gaining in popularity among bunny lovers. They are now one of the cutest breeds of bunnies, thanks to their lion-like mane around their head. Lionhead bunnies are generally good natured, playful and lively, but often timid. Generally, they are not recommended for very young children as a pet because they require experienced handling. But if your kid is able to care for this pet, it is a sign of him or her being a mature and responsible owner.

Another small breed of rabbits for children is the Harlequin. They are docile, playful and intelligent and gentle. Because of their size, they are also easy to hold and snuggle. You would be surprised that this breed can be litter box-trained and can respond to their name. Palomino is another wonderful breed of bunnies for children. It also has a good temperament and can easily get along well with people especially children.

While smaller rabbits are more ideal for children for easy handling and safety purposes, there are also notable large breeds that are popular among kids. One of them is the Flemish Giant which is known for its docile characteristics. These rabbits can grow more than 20 pounds, are child-friendly and are not scary at all. They also don’t bite and would love lounging on a couch.

When choosing a rabbit for your pet, regardless of its breed, the gender is an important consideration. The bucks or male rabbit are often the best choice for children as they are more laid back and attention seekers. In comparison, does or female rabbits become more territorial and are overly protective of their space once they begin to nest. Their unpredictable moods may not be ideal for children.

Additionally, when it comes to sizes, small breeds have the advantage of requiring smaller cages and smaller amounts of food in their diet. They also tend to be more playful than their larger counterparts. But of course, it will still boil down to you and your kid’s personal choice.

Giving children their own pet while still young has many benefits. One of them is teaching them to grow responsibly. If you are considering giving your kid a pet bunny, be sure to research more about the personalities of each breed of bunny you are considering.

Different Forms of Relaxation Techniques

Different people have different ways to relax and feel good. Some take it by travelling, shopping, cooking and eating, reading books and others. In fact, aside from playing the piano and listening to music, another relaxation technique that is effective for me is doing breathing exercises. I also know of some friends who feel relaxed when they travel or go shopping. But of course, they are more expensive forms of relaxation.

Different relaxation techniques help a person cope up with stress and daily pressure. They can also rejuvenate his or her energy and help stay on track. While every relaxation technique may benefit each person differently, there are techniques which are known to benefit a great majority:

1. Listening to music.

Listening to music especially slow and classical music while travelling, walking or doing something can have a significant relaxing effect on a person. This kind of music generally affects one’s physiological functions, lowering the blood pressure, slowing down the pulse and heart rate, and decreasing the level of stress hormones in the body.

2. Playing musical instruments.

For musicians, playing musical instruments is the best way to relax. It can soothe the mind and body, calm your temper, and help lower blood pressure. When you make music by playing a musical instrument, the body releases endorphins in the brain which in turn helps in lowering the level of stress hormones. Even if you don’t know how to play any instrument, it is never too late to start learning now. You could start with common instruments like a guitar or piano as they are among the easiest to play.

3. Meditation

Meditation is perhaps one of the oldest relaxation techniques since they have been used thousands of years ago. A simple meditation technique involves at least ten minutes of meditation per day to reduce anxiety and stress as well as to improve cardiovascular health. Meditation is simply a repetition of a sound or word while a person sits quietly with eyes closed. You could pick your own sound or word. It is most effective to do in a quiet environment where you are free from distractions.

4. Fish keeping.

Another old form of relaxation is fish keeping. That is one of the reasons why home aquariums have become popular these days. This kind of relaxation may not only benefit one person but the entire household. Observing the fishes in the aquarium feels relaxing and is soothing to the mind. Aside from an aquarium, you could also have a small pond or water feature where you could raise some fish. And one of the most common species of fish raised for this purpose is the catfish, particularly the attractive cory catfish. If you raise them in the pond, you could also have a good source of food by simply using catfish bait to harvest them.

5. Breathing exercises

Regular breathing exercises may also be as effective as other common relaxation techniques. It is easy to learn and it can be done anywhere you like since it does not require much space. Breathing exercises can also be combined with other relaxation techniques such as music and aromatherapy for best results.

If you feel stressed out from your work or school, you could try out any of these relaxation techniques to boost your mind and body.

What Is Bunion and What Causes It

Music is generally easy to learn. In fact, when I was still a piano instructor at a local school, I had a few students who became exceptionally good at playing a simple piece in less than a month. This is especially true among students who have an inclination in music.

However, certain conditions may prevent some people to learn some instruments. For instance, if you had a bad injury in your fingers, or if you are affected by illnesses such as Reynaud’s disease or Dupuytren’s disease, it may be challenging to learn to play a guitar or the piano. And if you think that you don’t have to be concerned since it is only your feet that have certain conditions, you are mistaken.

One of the most common problems that affect the feet is bunion. If you have this condition, it may be difficult for you to use your feet for playing some instruments such as when you have to use your foot to strike the drum pedal, or when you need to use the pedals of the piano. But of course, it depends on the severity of your condition.

Bunion refers to the abnormal bony hump that may form at the base of your big toe. More often, the hump causes the big toe to deviate closely to the other toes. The base of the big toe normally pushes outward toward the first of the metatarsal bones. This condition may also happen to the little toe, in such case, it is called tailors bunion or bunionette.

Bunion may seem to be a minor condition that will not significantly impact a person’s daily routine. However, since the toes normally bend when walking and bunion affects the joints, it can affect a person’s normal routine. It can be painful to do any activity with your feet like walking, playing an instrument with your feet, dancing and others.

Many people are not aware on what causes bunions. Bunions may be hereditary and could run in the family for generations. It may also develop from a minor foot problem to a bunion as the person ages. People with arthritis are also prone to developing bunions. Compared to men, women are more at risk of developing bunions because of wearing heeled or pointed shoes.

For any healthy person, it can develop when the weight during walking or doing other activities that use the feet is unevenly distributed among the tendons and joints of the feet. For most people, the pressure is borne by the big toe, causing it to become unstable and to slowly form a hard knob which will later develop into a bunion. For people with discrepancies in the length of their legs, bunions usually develop on the foot of the longer leg.

Although bunions generally do not require medical treatment, you should seek medical attention if they are already causing persistent pain, causing you difficulty to move your toe or foot, if the bump becomes very big, or if you already have difficulty in finding shoes that will fit you because of the bunion. The same is true if you are a musician and your bunion prevents you from playing certain instruments that you want to play with your foot. That is why you should treat bunions early enough to minimize any further complications.